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The delivery of your baby is the absolute focus of my work with you, as you prepare for the big day. I believe that you deserve my full expertise during your pregnancy, on the day of delivery, and right after you have given birth. I see my job as an obstetrician as a combination of roles:

The qualified expert, who builds on years of experience in antenatal care and deliveries to clarify the information we get out of your tests and pregnancy scans.

The councillor and support worker, helping you understand all the phases and steps, and prepare for the big moment. This also includes helping you prepare for and adjust to the changes in your family or professional life.

The cheerleader in a well progressing normal delivery, and the experienced and calm manager, if problems do arise during delivery.

Antenatal Care Murdoch - David Mincham

Antenatal Care

Antenatal care is all about a relationship of trust with your obstetrician. On this page, I explain what to expect from the antenatal care I offer to you as a future mum, and to your family as a whole.
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Your Delivery Murdoch - David Mincham

Your Delivery

When you choose a maternity clinic and an obstetrician, you expect a range of specialist doctors to be available at the hospital where you plan to give birth.
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Postnatal Care Murdoch - David Mincham

Postnatal Care

It’s only human to completely focus on the big day. But it’s wise to look at life after that memorable day. That is why I also help my patients with a plan for their postnatal care.
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Your choice Murdoch - David Mincham

Your Choice

One of the big conversation topics during pregnancy, is the birthing method. My role is to make sure you receive all the right information, so you can make well informed decisions at any time during your pregnancy.
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Obstetrician Murdoch Hospital

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