Dr David Mincham

I am a Perth based obstetrician and have been delivering babies since 1997. Drawing on that accumulated experience, it is my mission to assist you, through your antenatal journey, on the day of your delivery at Murdoch Hospital and beyond. If you are at all worried about pregnancy or birth related issues, I’m also here to help you relax on your journey towards being a mum.

Dr David Mincham | Obstetrician Murdoch Hospital

Obstetrician Murdoch Dr David Mincham

Education and training

The six years I spent in the University of Western Australia’s medical school were filled with a marvellous variety of experiences but one stands above all others. Spending six weeks living onsite at King Edward Memorial hospital, having obstetrics lectures by day and attending deliveries in labour ward by night provided an experience that was unrivalled. The obstetricians I met took pride and found joy in their work. Experiencing the actual moment of birth resulted in unmatched excitement and satisfaction. This episode helped to define my career choice. I decided to become an Obstetrician and completed the six years training at King Edward Memorial Hospital.

Prior to my own medical studies, I was exposed to the realities of birth. As the son of a Bunbury GP/obstetrician, I witnessed how a doctor is a cornerstone in the community and have been inspired ever since.
My formal qualification is MBBS 1994 UWA, and Fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.


Dr David Mincham | Obstetrician Murdoch Hospital

Murdoch Obstetrician Dr David Mincham

Research interests

As an obstetrician, I tend to lead a busy life. I strive to be there for you as a patient. The needs in antenatal care, labour and around the moment of giving birth, are often unpredictable.

I still believe that - in addition to all this hands-on experience delivering babies in the Perth metro area - it is good to keep up with the latest research.

To help mums better, I follow the latest research into the various aspects of pregnancy: from topics linked to improving how we use the information obtained from pregnancy scans, to management of complications such as preeclampsia or pregnancy diabetes. I believe that the experience of midwives, combined with a clear view on the latest research, is what gives my practice the best possible starting point when a new future mum walks in for her first appointment.


I get a substantial part of my inspiration from looking at my own family. Being a father of five has given - and continues to give me - the joy and the life experience that surrounds giving birth, as well as the next stages of life.

This personal experience helps me see the bigger picture. Falling pregnant, and preparing for your newborn to join your family, is partly a medical journey. We are fortunate to have modern medicine to perform tests and to be well-informed at any stage. Birth is also a spiritual journey, an emotional journey and a social journey, and every new mum's journey is different.

But I believe that - whether it’s your first, second or third pregnancy - this is also about helping you adapt to the changes in your life. As your obstetrician, I look at the bigger picture, and my own family experience helps me understand what might be happening in your life.

That’s why, as part of your antenatal care, I will always check in with the life-changing aspects of your pregnancy, birth, and the first stages of your new family situation. I am here to listen, and to offer a calm perspective.

Obstetrician Murdoch Hospital

Obstetrician Murdoch Hospital

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