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It’s only human to completely focus on the big day: On the day your baby will be born. But it’s wise to look at life after that memorable day. That is why I also help my patients with a plan for their postnatal care.

Postnatal care Murdoch | Dr David Mincham | Obstetrician Perth

What happens after your delivery?

Postnatal care in Perth, or if you live South of the River, at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, can be arranged through my private practice. As your obstetrician, I consider it my role to also help you in the first days of your new life.

So what happens after your delivery? Depending on whether you had a natural birth or a c-section, it’s essential that we look after you as a mum. At the same time, the focus is on helping you take care of your baby, and on maintaining your emotional wellbeing as you recover and adapt to your new family situation.

Your exact needs after the birth of your baby will depend on your family situation, the chosen birthing method, and the outcomes of the delivery.

Postnatal care Murdoch | Dr David Mincham | Obstetrician Perth

Postnatal care with Dr David Mincham?

I build on my long experience as an obstetrician in the Perth metro area (also in Mandurah, the Perth Hills and the Fremantle area) to help every patient with the lessons I take from every delivery. Postnatal care is not a one-size-fits-all package. I consider it my role to really look at the bigger picture.

If there is any bleeding, we need to manage that and make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Managing your pain, as you embark on the first days with your newborn in the hospital environment or at home, is another aspect of my role. When sleep deprivation affects your overall mood and your energy levels, then we look at managing it as well as we can. It’s all about making sure that you and your baby - and your family - are cared for.

Patients tell me that my ability to bring a calm, friendly energy to any situation, combined with my medical skills and my long experience, is what makes a difference in those moments. As humble as I am, I also believe that doing this for a long time, always with fresh energy and with gratitude to be of service, makes me the obstetrician that I am.

Postnatal care Murdoch | Dr David Mincham | Obstetrician Perth

Breast feeding or formula feeding?

Like with many choices, you can feel slightly overwhelmed as you prepare to make the choice between breastfeeding, formula feeding or mixed feeding.

As your obstetrician, I am not here to judge you. Having a baby is a journey, and I believe that you deserve to fully enjoy the unique moments before and after the birth of your child. If you have doubts, or you find it difficult to filter through all the information that is out there, then I am here to listen and help you make a well-informed decision.
When you have made a decision about your preference (breastfeeding or bottle feeding), my team and I will help you prepare.

Once your baby is born, the midwives and the lactation consultants at St John of God Murdoch Hospital are here to help. On those precious first days after your newborn joins your family, you can count on our professional help to help you navigate the changes in your life, so you and your little one can make a healthy start.

postnatal care murdoch
postnatal care murdoch
postnatal care murdoch

Postnatal care Murdoch | Dr David Mincham | Obstetrician Perth

Postnatal anxiety & depression

Pregnancy and birth are driven by human hormones. It comes as no surprise that for many women, the emotional impact of a pregnancy and birth are immense.

As obstetricians, our role is to be your specialist doctor. But it’s also to be your counsellor and to keep an eye on your emotional wellbeing at every step of the process.

If you feel anxious, a little low, uncertain or completely flat after you have given birth, I am here to help you understand that this is a very common situation. Your sleep deprivation, the physical discomfort, the recovery process and the massive change in your family life, they can all come together and knock you off balance.

If you suffer from any type of postnatal anxiety or any level of depression (even the lightest one), please don’t hesitate to talk to me or to my team.

There are quite a few statistics around, to illustrate how common these emotional side effects are. Some studies suggest that 10 to 20% of mothers will have some level of postpartum depression. Other studies mention one in seven women experiencing levels of depression.

If they are more than just occasional feelings of overwhelm, and you feel that you are not capable to function in your new role, then we look at solutions and support, so you can recover well and be fully present for your baby and for your family.

Postnatal care Murdoch | Dr David Mincham | Obstetrician Perth

How I can help

I believe in the overarching role I play as your obstetrician. It means our journey together starts at your first appointment. The fact that we have spoken about your family and medical history, and followed you week after week throughout your pregnancy, also makes a big difference for the quality of your postnatal care.

Simply because we get to know each other, I can offer a listening ear and my role is to understand all aspects of your pregnancy and delivery. Not just the medical side of things.

It helps me to understand your family situation, your history and your life situation. When it comes to postnatal care, we look at optimising your recovery, monitoring the health of your newborn, and assistance with feeding. Because I work on campus here at St John of God Murdoch Hospital, I liaise with my own team and with the many highly experienced professionals in the Maternity and Postnatal Department, so we organise exactly the help you need.

If you are at the start of your pregnancy and want to discuss how we will help you with postnatal care, don’t hesitate to contact my practice so we can talk about your needs and expectations.


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